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A specialized Medication Therapy Management (MTM) service for seniors, Somerset Specialty & LTC is far more than your typical pharmacy!

Our Mission

MTM takes pharmacy services to the next level for senior care facilities. We at Somerset specialty & LTC serve our mission of optimizing medication therapy results of senior patients to help them maintain a high quality of life by supporting senior care facilities in all aspects of medication management for their residents.

Somerset Specialty takes the burden of medication off of facility staff and leads the collaboration with the patient, their physicians and caregivers to develop and achieve optimal goals of medication therapy outcomes.

In addition to providing around the clock medical and administrative care and support, our services include:

  • Thorough review of all medications (including supplements and OTC products) from every physician that provides care to the patient to identify and address potential problems in the patient’s current care plan, such as improper dosage, duplicate therapies, potential drug or lifestlyle interactions, and addressing untreated or inappropriately managed conditions.
  • In-depth, medication-related education, consultation, and advice provided to patients, family and/or caregivers to help assure proper use of medications
  • Collaboration with the patient, physician, and other health care providers to develop a comprehensive care plan and achieve optimal goals of medication therapy.

The impact of MTM:

  • For the patient and their families: increased quality of life/patient wellness due to a reduction in cost due to hospitalizations, readmissions, and drug interactions.
  • For senior care facilities: increased focus on patient care and relationships because we remove the burden of all medication-related services, & a clinical pharmacist is always on call for after hours emergency needs.

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